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Body Fat Analysis

Body Fat Analysis with DEXA (Body Composition Analysis)

Body Fat Analysis (BFA) is a relatively new technology that is very accurate and precise. Many people now understand that to have a healthier body means to have a leaner body.  Body Fat Analysis (BFA) is a valuable test in weight loss tracking (tracks your percentage of body bone, muscle and fat composition over a period of time).

Procedure:  Patient lies on the DEXA table as the scanner passes across the body collecting data. A scan takes about 10 minutes.  It is safe, non-invasive and fairly comfortable.

DEXA is fast becoming the new "gold standard" for body fat analysis because it provides a higher degree of precision in only one measurement and has the ability to show exactly where fat is distributed throughout the body.  This advanced technology allows you to can track your weight loss goals by calculating your total body fat percentage over a time period. It is very reliable and its results extremely repeatable. We believe adding this service helps us provide patients with the best technology available for assessing obesity, cardiovascular and other metabolic diseases. 

DEXA scan showing Body Fat Analysis (BFA): A new technology used to analysis your total body composition (this is the only DEXA scanner in our local market with this advanced technology).  The image shows "fat" in yellow, "muscle" in red and "bone" in blue/green.  Great for tracking weight loss since you get a visual picture of your % fat, % muscle mass and % bone in addition to actual numbers.  This is an image of the same patient who had a DEXA scan showing osteopenia (T-score of -2.4).  See her additional risk factors unique to women.