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MRI offers one of the best of all imaging modalities because of its excellent contrast differentiation between muscle, fat, vessels, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, cortical bone, and marrow bone space.

Yuba City Advanced Imaging Center has a state of the art Hitachi AIRIS´┐Ż Elite Open MRI, the only Mid-field Open MRI in this region.  The AIRIS Elite Advance Mid-field MR has an open design that combines a 0.3 Tesla field strength and advanced magnet technology for image quality, patient throughput and advanced clinical capabilities previously not possible at mid-field.  In a clinical practice, the quality of the images is extremely important for correct diagnosis.  AIRIS Elite offers an ideal combination of image quality and patient comfort, satisfying physicians and patients.

The AIRIS Elite provides a comfortable environment during magnetic resonance imaging examinations.  It has an award-winning open gantry design, with an asymmetric two-post architecture that offers the patient a non-claustrophobic environment.  The open design easily accommodates not only claustrophobic patients but those who are anxious or larger than average as well.  The spacious gantry opening also provides the healthcare professional the opportunity to directly attend to patients on all four sides, while offering patients a comfortable scanning environment with a magnet that delivers high-field performance.