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Direct Digital X-ray

Why Direct Digital (DR) X-ray machine?

Digital X-ray machines include Computed Radiography (CR) and Digital Radiography (DR), also known as Direct Digital Radiography.   We choose to purchase a Direct Digital X-ray machine because digital imaging with DR reduces radiation exposure due to better image quality with lower radiation exposure.  This allows us to provide the highest image quality at the lowest patient radiation dosage in the market.  One study showed the overall effective dosage through DR was around 43% lesser than the dosage in CR and 29% lesser than film-screen X-ray techniques.  Radiation exposure is an important concern to us as is optimal image quality.  Direct Digital X-ray machines are the latest innovation in radiography and have had great impact in medical imaging in the recent years.  Our patients deserve the best in technology.

Understanding CR vs. DR?

The terms CR and DR alone may be confusing.  CR typically refers to cassette-based technology that uses a scanning/reader mechanism to extract information from the exposed cassette. However, DR (also referred to as �cassetteless� technology) is a technology in which the latent image data are transferred directly from a flat-panel digital detector to a computer monitor without the need for a reader�higher image quality, lower radiation exposure and a faster workflow.  The similarities between CR and DR technology are primarily in the digital format of the resultant image.  Both CR and DR image formats are compatible for storage in a digital picture archiving computer system (PACS).   We choose Direct digital X-ray.

Benefits of our DR, Direct Digital X-ray

  1. Sharper Image quality at lowest radiation exposure.

  2.  Lowest Patient radiation Dose in the market.

  3. Direct Digital X-ray uses direct capture detectors which deliver lower dose compared to CR or analog systems.

  4. Enhanced Patient Care.

  5. Elimination of need for technologists to leave exam room to process films or cassette manipulations provides uninterrupted patient contact.

  6. Faster workflow with DR exams compared to CR or analog systems.

  7. Elimination of Lost Films when compared to screen-film technology.

  8. Redundant storage of digital exams eliminates possibility of lost images.

We are now a total, one-stop imaging facility: 

Patients have the convenience of one place to go�they no longer have to split appointments.  Combined with  latest state-of-the art additions to our imaging center, Direct Digital X-ray and Digital mammography, Stereotactic biopsies, highest standard of patient care and our fast accurate report turn-around times, Yuba City Advanced Imaging Center has the perfect match for virtually all of your imaging services needs.  Yuba City Advanced Imaging Center brings added convenience of a small service-oriented, private, physician owned and operated outpatient imaging center where patients and their referring doctors truly come first.

A walk-in x-ray does not require an appointment.  Simply come to our center during normal business hours with your written order and billing information, and we will work you in.